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Meet Nokia’s Lumia 925

Finally a Lumia member to break the design stereotype Nokia has created with its Windows Phone 8 devices

Flagship battle title

The Battle of the Giants – Galaxy S4 vs Lumia 920 vs Xperia Z vs Optimus G vs HTC One

5 top high-end smartphones involved into a technological battle


Huawei Video Conference at the CeBit 2013

Find out which were the products that drew our attention at the CeBIT 2013

huawei p2

Huawei Announced Their Flagship Ascend P2 at the WMC 2013

Huawei defines the Ascend P2 as "the fastest smartphone in the wolrd". It will be introduced to the European market starting at 400 euros.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 – NOTEtorious creativity

The NEW Galaxy Note 10.1 houses 2 GB of RAM.

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