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Lenovo A3000

A3000 Is the Middle Child in Lenovo’s Tablet Family at the MWC 2013

We can expect this 3G mid-range entertainment device on the market around the second quarter of 2013.

HP Slate 7

HP Slate 7 Is a Pocket-Friendly Android Tablet

Running Android Jelly Bean on a dual-core ARM A9 processor, the Slate 7 device is expected to hit the US markets in April priced $170. Soon after that it is expected to land in Europe as well.

Sony Xpreria Z

Xperia Z Smartphone and Tablet Represent the Best Of Sony

Hands-on the latest and toughest Android mobile gadgets by Sony at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Nokia Lumia 720.Still009

Lumia 720 Is an Eye-catching Windows Phone by Nokia

Nokia Lumia 720 is a social and entertainment device coming in plenty of vibrant colors.

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