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The New ONE in the HTC Family


HTC One Max

HTC Introduced Their First Phablet – One Max

HTC added a 5.9-inch hybrid with a fingerprint reader to its portfolio

title Desire 200

Hands on HTC’s Entry-level Desire 200

If you are of the people who’d prefer a compact 3.5-inch smartphone then keep reading

title HTC Camera

Testing HTC One Camera

One of the most interesting software features of HTC camera is ZOE


HTC One Mini is on its Way

HTC One Mini is expected to offer a 4.3 inch diagonal with an HD resolution


HTC One X Plus a Few Improvements

Find out exactly how HTC One X evolved into the X Plus version

MWC 2013

Mobile World Congress 2013

Stay tuned for these and many more of the latest news, gadgets and stories right from the heart of Barcelona.


HTC Desire X – What Is Not to Desire about It?

The perfect budget solution in a beautiful body

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