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Nokia Revealed its Best Camera Smartphone – Lumia 1020

Lumia’s 1020 smartphone will be a 4.5-inch device that features the advanced AMOLED technology

Featured Lumia 920

Meet Nokia Lumia’s 920 Flagship

Using the Qi technology here you can charge the handset without physically connecting the phone to the power supply

Samsung Smart PC

Introducing the Smart PC as the Third Member in Samsung’s ATIV Family

ATIV Smart PC is the ultimate hybrid companion that brings a PC-like experience on an ultra portative construction.


Mobile Experience On the New Windows RT ATIV Tab by Samsung

Unlike the Sony VAIO Duo 11 where you can install the programs you run on an ordinary computer system, here you are limited only to Windows RT software.


Samsung ATIV S Became the World’s First Windows 8 Smartphone

Samsung ATIV S makes a brilliant entry on the Windows 8 smartphone market


Tablet or phone? No, it is the LG Optimus VU

Good performance in an unusual shape

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