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title Note 3 pt 2

Hands on Galaxy Note 3 (pt2) – Performance, Camera, Battery life

Galaxy Note 3 will come out in three different colors

title Galaxy Note 3

Hands on Galaxy Note 3 (pt1) Design, Display and Features

The latest Note 3 has it all to blow away phablet competition

LG Optimus G Pro

LG Optimus G Pro Boosts an Impressive 5.5-inch Display

Big screen, slim profile and long battery life on LG's latest Optimus member

HTC One Max

HTC Introduced Their First Phablet – One Max

HTC added a 5.9-inch hybrid with a fingerprint reader to its portfolio


LG G2 Is the Speedy Gonzalez of Smartphones

In this video review we are taking a look at what appears to be one of the fastest Androids out on the market

LG Gpad

LG Re-enters the Tablet Market with G Pad 8.3 and Shows the New G2 Flagship Phone

LG challenges smartphone competition with its ultra-fast G2 flagship

Google Hummingbird

Google Celebrates its 15th Birthday with a New Hummingbird Algorithm and New Features on Its Knowledge Graph

Last month Google made the next major algorithmic update since Caffeine – it now uses the Hummingbird algorithm


Asus Announced the Z87 series the as the Highlight of Haswell Motherboards

Following the trends Asus even changed the design, introducing gold into their motherboard design for the first time

Lansare ASUS Fonepad in Romania

Intel launches its latest 4th generation Haswell, Bay Trail and vPro platforms

Nuc is a fully-capable personal computer in an ultra-compact shell

title 2 Samsung Galaxy S4 Active (6)

Samsung Galaxy S4 (pt2) Performance, Software, Battery Life

Summing up what we learned in our two video reviews

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