The Newest Мobilе Solutions By Fujitsu

This and many more interesting stories from CeBIT 2013

Lenovo A3000

A3000 Is the Middle Child in Lenovo’s Tablet Family at the MWC 2013

We can expect this 3G mid-range entertainment device on the market around the second quarter of 2013.

HP Slate 7

HP Slate 7 Is a Pocket-Friendly Android Tablet

Running Android Jelly Bean on a dual-core ARM A9 processor, the Slate 7 device is expected to hit the US markets in April priced $170. Soon after that it is expected to land in Europe as well.

Sony Xpreria Z

Xperia Z Smartphone and Tablet Represent the Best Of Sony

Hands-on the latest and toughest Android mobile gadgets by Sony at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona


Asus FonePad Is a 7-inch Tablet with a Phone Capability

A hybrid device that combines both the caracters of a smartphone and a tablet as well.

Lenovo A1000

A1000 is a Music Tablet by Lenovo

A pocket-friendly music tablet by Lenovo

Acer Iconia W700

Iconia W700 Is Acer’s Most Powerful and Fast-performing Tablet

Acer Iconia W700 is one of the most powerful and fast-performing tablets we have seen so far.

HP Envy X2

HP’s Strong Suite at the Windows 8 Hybrid Market is Envy X2

This hybrid has works smoothly both independently as a tablet and as a notebook as well

Acer Iconia Tab W510

Iconia W510 a Long-life Hybrid Machine by Acer

Acer Iconia W510 is a well-performing Windows 8 hybrid that is a flexible work and fun machine

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