title Samsung Ativ Book 9

Samsung Ativ Book 9 Lite Is an Undercover Ultrabook

This one here cannot be defined as one because it doesn’t run on an Intel processor but the performance is nothing short of that.

title Samsung Ativ Book 2

Samsung Ativ Book 2 Is a Stylish Everyday Notebook

If you need a machine mostly for browse, watching movies and playing music you are good to go with an entry-level machine

title Samsung NP300E5E

Samsung NP300 Delivers the Windows 8 Experience on a 15.6-inch Configuration

An affordable configurations that deliver a great performance and at the same time don’t lack any essentials

Samsung Series 7 Chronos

Reliable and Fast Machines in Various Hardware Configurations – Samsung Series 7 Chronos

The sleek design makes an impression for a pretty light design but actually a rather powerful potential is revealed inside.

Samsung-Series-9 Christmas

Samsung Series 9 Proves Perfection and Lightweight Go Perfectly Hand-in-hand

A lightweight, fast-performing and powerful machine that comes with the new Windows 8

Samsung Smart PC

Introducing the Smart PC as the Third Member in Samsung’s ATIV Family

ATIV Smart PC is the ultimate hybrid companion that brings a PC-like experience on an ultra portative construction.

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