LG G2 Camera Test

Posted July 11, 2014 by Maria Krusteva in Smartphone

Quick Stats

Hardware: 13MP base camera, 2.1MP front camera

What We Liked:

good overall performance, 9AF points, lots of interesting new features

What We Disliked:

autofocusing is sometimes inaccurate
What We Thought

LG’s flagship excells as a great camera phone


n our previous video review we showed you guys one of the fastest Android smartphones on the market – LG G2. Besides packing lots of power, a wonderful 5.2-inch display and long battery life, this flagship excelled as a great camera phone too. In this video review we are testing its camera. 

LG G2 comes with a 13MP camera placed centrally on the back panel

LG G2 comes with a 13MP camera placed centrally on the back panel. It features Optical Image Stabilizer which helps images come out crisp and sharp. Videos are recorded in high-quality 1080p resolution, free of camera shake during shooting thanks to the stabilization of the camera. It is particularly helpful during capturing low-light images. However, we still came up with some blurry shots when there wasn’t much light around. In such conditions we noticed that the camera sometimes struggled to autofocus and as a result some shots came out blurry or out of focus. This was particularly the case with the autofocusing in video mode.

It exposes correctly without oversaturating the colors

 Other than that our test video shows that G2’s camera does a great job finding its way in confusing light conditions like it’s the case at noontime. It exposes correctly without oversaturating the colors. The LED flash addition to the camera provides just enough light for indoor captures. We didn’t experience overly exposed spots when we used it.

As most of you probably know the volume rocker can be used as a camera shutter key in Android devices where such is not provided. Well, the volume rocker here does the same thing and what’s more its new place is now more comfortable to use for self-shoots. It is also pretty handy to use as it launches the camera straight from a locked screen mode.

Thanks to the high resolution number of 4160×3120 pixels this camera doesn’t lose the sharpness of the details when zooming in. Moreover G2’s camera offers 9 separate AF points for better multi-focusing.

Moreover G2’s camera offers 9 separate AF points for better multi-focusing

 A group of people makes the camera focus separately on each face, providing a detailed and sharp focus. The multiple focus points also give users the ability to achieve creative compositions and framing on their shots.

Software features turn this camera into one of the most fun and exciting ones on the market. The full HD video can be recorded in slow-motion 60fps rate which is a wonderful way of capturing fast moving objects, animals sports events and many more.

LG G2’s camera is the first one which introduces the Audio Zoom feature. Now I am sure most of you will be curious to know what exactly this is. Well, think of the Zoom in and out function of the cameras, it is the same but it concerns the sound. It is active during video recording and amplifies the sound coming from a certain direction up to 5 times. More importantly the audio zoom is available also during video playback. 

LG G2’s camera is the first one which introduces the Audio Zoom feature

Shot and Clear function is used to erase unwanted objects from the frame like for example people who have walked into the picture by chance. There is more Burst Shot function takes up to 20 consecutive shots creating a interesting sense of motion. Remember the Dual Shot mode the Galaxy S4 introduced, here we have the same function, called Dual Camera. It puts 2 pictures into one fitting both the model and the photographer in the frame. Time Catch Shot is a mode used to capture not only the one moment you chose but also the seconds before that.

LG G2 has one of the richest cameras in terms of software and features, we have used. I will let you enjoy our funny crooked faces.

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