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Hardware: 4-inch Retina Display, Power VR SGX 543 MP3 GPU, 1GB RAM, 1510mAh battery piece, 8MP iSight camera (1080p quality), LED flash, 1.2MP FaceTime front camera (720p quality), 16GB/32GB storage, dual-core processor working at 1.3GHz frequency, USB v2
Technology: iOS 7, 4G LTE all version support, IPS, LCD, 1136x640 display resolution, 326 ppi pixel density, FullHD video recording, Bluetooth v4, simultaneous HD video and image recording
Specification: 132g weight, white, blue, green, pink and yellow

What We Liked:

Battery life, overall performance, camera, build quality

What We Disliked:

the same as iphone 5, No NFC, no micro SD card slot, not that grip-friendly
What We Thought

The new iPhone 5c with 16GB onboard storage appeared at the price of $550 contact-free

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hen Apple said they are working on a cheap iPhone we couldn’t wait to lay our hands on a smartphone with premium performance, coming at a reasonable price. This is not exactly what happened. The new iPhone 5c with 16GB onboard storage appeared at the price of $550 contact-free and practically is just a plastic iPhone 5. 

Practically it is just a plastic iPhone 5

5c introduced the plastic material to Apple’s handsets. The smooth and premium feel of the metal and glass has been replaced with glossy one-piece polycarbonate. Despite the fact that the whole back is plastic, it is still very well-build and attention is paid to all the details. The glossy surface is not exactly the most hand-friendly material as it makes the handset slippery and is also a magnet for fingerprints. iPhone 5c is available in 5 different vibrant colors- white, blue, green, pink and yellow.

 iPhone 5c is available in 5 different vibrant colors

 You can purchase it along with a special color case which gives the handset a dual-color appearance, simply perfect for teenagers.

We can tell that Apple is just in love with the 4-inches. The 4-inch diagonal here offers 1136×640 pixel resolution at 326 ppi density – the same numbers we had in Apple’s last-year flagman. There is nothing new under the sun here besides the fact that the Retina Display looks even better in iOS 7’s pastel colors.

Inside the iPhone 5c is almost identical to iphone 5. It uses Apple’s A6 chipset and a dual-core processor working at 1.3GHz frequency.

We can tell that Apple is just in love with the 4-inches

 Graphics and video performance are handled by Power VR SGX 543 MP3 GPU and the system memory is 1GB. We enjoyed the phone’s excellent performance in almost all kind of tasks we involved it into. It responds swiftly both opening the menus and browsing online especially on 4G network. Actually Apple says that its latest pair of devices – the 5s and 5c support the widest range of 4G bands out there,

5c is available in only two storage options – 16GB and 32GB and offers no slot for memory cards. 5c overweighs iphone 5 with 20 grams and adds a few millimeters to its profile as well. the reason for this is the increased battery capacity inside the iphone 5c. With its 1510mAh battery piece it offers almost 5 percent more battery power than the 5.

The signs of equality between Apple’s old iphone 5 and their latest affordable plastic 5c continue as our review moves onto the camera.

the Retina Display looks even better in iOS 7’s pastel colors

 5c has stolen the base 8MP iSight camera from last-year’s flagman. It’s a justified theft of course since the camera performs great in almost any conditions and achieves great results in HDR mode. Video here is recorded in 1080p quality. The iOS 7 introduces a pretty simple camera interface which easily shifts between photo and video mode and in addition offers a couple of interesting filters. For more details you can check out our video review of the new iOS 7. The front camera on Apple’s most affordable smartphone is the same as the one on their 5S flagship – a 1.2MP FaceTime camera shooting in 720p quality.

iPhone 5c is Apple’s way of selling people an old phone in a new box.

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