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Hardware: 10.1-inch CMOS sensor, Digic 5 processor, HDMI, USB, 3.2-inch touch-sensitive LCD screen
Technology: 100 to 3200 ISO, 15 shots per second, Full HD resolution video,
Specification: metal chassis,

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compact, supports WiFi, well-built

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mediocre picture quality, short battery life
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Video is captured in FullHD resolution with stereo sound quality

by Maria Krusteva
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enerally, pocket cameras are an everyday toy during the long summer days spent on the beach or up in the mountains enjoying the beauty of the nature. Christmas season, however, has its own charm that shines bright through the photo.

This is one pretty compact pocket shooter

 If you are looking for a good camera to capture the Christmas spirit or just to give it to a loved one this video review might be helpful. This is Canon Ixus 510HS.

This is one pretty compact pocket shooter. Although it has a clean and simple design, it will probably not be to everyone’s taste as it has a quite sharp profile. Its edges are sharply cut and the whole body resembles has a rectangle shape. Other than that the metal casing is very well-build, in fact it really feels solid in the hands at the weight of 163g, battery included. Ixus 510HS comes in two color variations black and white in a sleek glossy finish.

Moving onto the key hardware component of each camera – its sensor. Having in mind that the tendency for such cameras is to offer bigger sensors with more megapixels we were surprised to find out that this IXUS has a 10.1-inch sensor inside.

We were surprised to find out that this IXUS only offers a 10.1-inch sensor inside

 But still this camera provides a good picture quality and images come out at the respectable resolution of 3 648×2736 pixels. The sensor is a CMOS type and the processor inside the Ixus 510 HS is the new Digic 5. The lens on the front has a zoom range of 28-336 mm which is an impressive number for this tiny camera. Video is captured in FullHD resolution with stereo sound quality.

The camera is controlled through a 3.2-inch touch-sensitive LCD screen on the back. The different icons stand for multiple shooting modes, but are pretty straightforward and easy to understand. You won’t find any other keys on the back side. The mode ring along with the shutter key is placed on top. Light sensitivity, meaning the ISO number, varies from 100 to 3200. Of course be ready for noisy and grainy images at high ISO levels.

The HS letters in the model name stand for Hi-Speed. With continuous shooting mode activated, this buddy can capture up to 15 shots per second. Other than that the shutter speed can be manually set from 4000 of the second up to 15 seconds. 

the ISO number, varies from 100 to 3200

Since it’s a modern 2013 camera model it supports WiFi, which is actually one of the camera’s big advantages. You can skip the part with plugging cables to transfer photos, your images are uploaded directly on the social websites with a simple option inside the camera menu. Of course two other connection options are available – an HDMI and a USB port.

The only thing we can really complain about this camera is its battery life. With a fully-charged battery piece we could barely make it to 200 photos. Shooting video with such a limited battery capacity is even more frustrating. So if you have a long day of shooting ahead of you, bring a second charged battery piece.

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