An Underwater Review of Sony’s Water-Proof Cyber-Shot TF1 Camera

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Hardware: 16.1 MP, 2.7’’ LCD TFT Clear Photo display, Super HAD CCD, 4608x 3456 image resolution, Sony lens f/3.6-4.7, 4x optical zoom, advanced flash (4 meters coverage), 720p video (25fps), HDMI, AV, USB port, 2.3Wh Lithium-Ion battery
Technology: water-resistant, dust-proof, freeze proof, shock proof, Steady shot image stabilization, Smile shutter, face recognition, tracking focus
Specification: 0.33 lbs weight

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water-proof, dust-proof, freeze proof, shock proof, SteadyShot image stabilization, active flash underwater, FullHD video, price

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no built-in internal memory
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Along with being that rugged inside, CyberShot TF1 offers nothing short of what most point-and-shoots have in store.

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here are all kinds of reviews of gadgets out there but I bet what you are about to see will be a first. This one-of-a-kind video review is entirely shot under water fully revealing the features of Sony’s waterproof Cyber-Shot TF1 digital camera.

The camera is water-resistant, shock-resistant, dust-proof, freeze proof

 Now let’s dive in and take an underwater look at this camera. It’s a compact pocket shooting companion weighing only 0.33 lbs. A 2.7’’ LCD TFT Clear Photo display is placed on the back so that you can capture images and video in live view and then of course preview them. The contrast and brightness levels are additionally boosted so you have no concerns seeing the display under water. All in all the design is what makes this one an extremely durable buddy – besides being water-resistant it is also dust-proof, freeze proof and now check this out … Yes, it is shock proof as well. 

The sensor on board is Super HAD CCD which delivers images at 4 608x 3 456 resolution

Along with being that rugged inside it offers nothing short of what most point-and-shoots have in store. The sensor on board is Super HAD CCD which delivers images at 4608x 3456 resolution. The Sony lens on this 16.1 MP camera offers an aperture range from 3.6 to f4.7. the optical zoom abilities extend to 4x. The advanced flash on board is also active under water and covers an area of up to 4 meters. The video you can capture with CyberShot DSC TF1 has 1280×720 pixel quality at 25fps. Steady shot image stabilization reduces hand shakes during image capturing.

Smile shutter, face recognition and tracking focus are among the software functions that facilitate the shooting process. For establishing a connection with other devices the chassis offers an HDMI, AV and a USB port.

The on-board power is provided by a 2.3Wh Lithium Ion battery unit.

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