45th Anniversary of the creation of Barbapapa (Барбароните)

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If you recognize today’s doodle, then you probably know what that sound is: Barbapapa (Барбарони) is changing forms again! For those of us who are new to the magic of this wonderful family of technicolor shapes, Barbapapa is a series of children’s books, started in Paris, France 45 years ago on a beautiful day in May. The authors were a French-American couple, Annette Tison and Talus Taylor.

The pair came up with the concept for these kooky characters at the Luxembourg Gardens when Taylor, a non-french-speaker, overhead a nearby child asking for “baa baa paa paa.” Confused, Taylor asked his wife, Annette what the child meant. She explained that barbe à papa, is literally translated as “father’s beard,” but also means cotton candy. Later, inspired by the adorable jumble of sounds and the image of a pink-candy-floss beardy-fellow, the couple sketched out a rotund character on a napkin: Barbapapa (Барбарони) was born.

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